Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween pics

So, I actually did something this Halloween, and thus, had an excuse to dress up. I went to a little shindig and it was pretty cool. I made macaroni casserole since it was a pot luck, and people seemed to like it. I did prosthetics for the first time this year, and I did have some issues with it, but now I know better. Only issue I had, was I didn't get to try out the Scarecrow fangs to see if they really were all that, because the mixing liquid... fucking crystallized. Pissed me the hell off. But, I made due with being extra bloody. Next year, I hope to be super bloody, because being covered in blood... even nasty, medecine tasting blood, was pretty fun! And now for pictures!

I devour souls AND hearts.

A little Luis Royo perhaps?

This one reminds me, alot, of a Luis Royo painting. I think its because the expression and the angle of my face is pretty close. Only thing missing are those metal things coming out of my head. ^_^

Devil in Red

And the devil wore a red coat...

Bad to the Bone

I guess I didn't manage to get any really great pics while in costume. If I had someone else who could take the pics for me, it would have been better and I could have played around with acting out the part a bit. But I just got back from the party and I really wanted to wash the blood off my chest XD